The Spirit of the Holidays

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I remember once I had measles just before Christmas.  I had to give my list to my big sister to take to Santa while I sat itching at home, lower lip trembling.  I felt certain she’d mess it up or tell Santa I just wanted him to get double presents for her and nothing for me.   Back then nothing came with apps or even a switch.  The height of new tech toys was the Easy Bake Oven, the doll that wet her diaper when you fed her a bottle or a pull string animal, or that chemically mysterious fuzzy wuzzy bath soap.   We wanted nerfs and Mrs. Beasley dolls and…well, stuff that’s sold in antique stores now.

Santa didn’t quite come thru, and I remember the girl next door got the exact toy I wanted and I felt certain that he somehow mixed us up courtesy of my sister…since I didn’t put in a personal appearance at the Mall.   She’s the one in the first picture with what I still see as the devilish grin.  Further capturing the innocence and joy of a childhood Christmas are the rest of the Auburn Moon family, Jon with his sister and Jacqui from Christmases not quite as long ago.

I knew at 8 that we had just set foot on the moon and vaguely heard about a new TV show just came out for little kids called “Sesame Street”, but we only had 3 channels on our TV anyway.  I had no idea what was going on in Vietnam, or about Charles Manson, just as I hadn’t known about the King and Kennedy assassinations a year before.  We knew about the good stuff, the magical stuff.  But good or bad, we were insulated from the bad stuff because there was no 24 hour news cycle, no internet, no cable, no twitter, no cell phones, not so much as voicemail or answering machines.  Information traveled slowly.

  My 10 year old knows more about Newtown a week later and Syria and what movies are coming out in 2013 than I knew about what was going on in 1970 probably 5 years later.  My 6 year old can figure out new games before I can…and how they work.  But one bit of magic hasn’t changed in all those years, whether you are 20 or 30 or 50.  The magic of believing in something beyond our comprehension… The joy of music and laughter and hope and community…And sometimes, inexplicable bursts of kindness and generosity…this is all available to us no matter how old or jaded or informed we are.  I hope this magic has filled your hearts in abundance over the holidays.  And my greatest wish is that you’ll carry it as far into this new year as you did when you were a child.  Stoke those feelings with a few acts of kindness and generosity and keep the memories close at hand.

Happy Holidays from the Auburn Moon family.

Nancy     Jon     Jacqui