Summerfest Music Festival 2013!

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I recently had the opportunity to go to Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI to see The Ballroom Thieves play on the second largest stage in the entire music festival. On Saturday June 29th, 2013 they opened for Dispatch.  The crowd was gathering in their seats as The Ballroom Thieves set up their instruments and microphones for sound check. I sat in the back of the pavilion in amazement as people upon people starting flocking towards the stage area, taking their seats where they could find them. Perhaps these people were just fans of Dispatch, arriving early to get good free seating in the back, but by the end of The Ballroom Thieves’ 60 minute set (which was AWESOME by the way), the crowd was standing as they cheered and clapped while Devin, Martin, & Rachel took their bows and made their way off stage.

Afterwards, I made my way through the crowd over to the merchandise table and found to my delight that there was already a line of people waiting to buy T-Shirts, CDs, and even vinyls. If they weren’t fans of The Ballroom Thieves before, they were now.