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Established in 1995, Auburn Moon is the 5 time winner of college Agency of the Year and is proud to have had artists win awards in every category, been seen on every network and are setting trends before you know they exist. But mostly, we love what we do. We love our Artists like they are family and only choose ones with Artistic excellence and a no-diva-attitude. We love our schools like they are old dear friends and we approach this market and this world with a passion and belief that art transforms the world daily. We like to laugh, learn and grow and believe that there is no better education for young people than jumping in and getting messy doing something you love. If we’re not friends yet, we should be.

2012 Songs of the Year

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Here are my top 10 songs that came out in 2012: Sugar and the Hi Lows – I’ve Got You CoveredShovels and Rope – BoxcarBruno Mars – Young GirlsJapandroids – The House that Heaven BuiltKillers – Prize FighterKeane – DisconnectedThe Weeks – The House We Grew Up InWalk the Moon – TightropeWallflowers – Reboot the […]

The Spirit of the Holidays

The Spirit of the Holidays

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I remember once I had measles just before Christmas.  I had to give my list to my big sister to take to Santa while I sat itching at home, lower lip trembling.  I felt certain she’d mess it up or tell Santa I just wanted him to get double presents for her and nothing for […]

Newtown, CT.

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Over the weekend, I have been thinking about some of the tragedies that have defined my lifetime and where I have been for each. Columbine, 9/11, Virginia Tech, Aurora, CO and now, Newtown. There’s always the infamous question of, “Do you remember where you were when the planes hit?” Well of course I do, but […]

It’s a Dog’s Life…

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Here at Auburn Moon, there are a few very special guys that are “on the job” every day. Whether they are working hard or hardly working, we will not say… But this week’s blog we would like to dedicate to them! These guys understand the balance between work and relaxation better than the rest of […]

At the Corner of Art and Commerce

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Happy Holidays.  This is a reprint of my first Curtain Call column from 1997, a column that was just jump-started…to my excitement.  It’s a reminder of why I fell in love with this business, and the moment it captures is one where I reminded my friend David of why he fell in love with it.  […]

Holy Guilty Pleasures!

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So the three of us got off topic in a meeting and confessed some musical guilty pleasures we have. Here is a peek so click the links and sing along: 1. Jacqui is the pop star here, at least from the 90’s. Though I can’t relate, I’m sure most of you can. She privately holds […]

Rob and Big…errrr…Ronnie and Adam!

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Comic of the Year, Ronnie Jordan, and Fastest Rising Star, Adam Grabowski, have put together a video that is hilarious! I’ve put it for you here. Check back weekly as we’ll be posting educational articles, funny stories and videos/pictures.

Gangham Style!

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Our good friends and act, Street Corner Symphony put together this killer video just last week and we wanted to share it with you here first. Boom! Gangham Style A Capella!

Welcome to the new AMA site!

Welcome to the new AMA site!

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Welcome to the new Auburn Moon Agency site! Please take a moment to browse around. We have many great new additions to the roster and a lot of updates for our artists, so don’t forget to check out their promo videos. We look forward to working with you soon! – Nancy, Jon and Jacqui