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Established in 1995, Auburn Moon is the 5 time winner of college Agency of the Year and is proud to have had artists win awards in every category, been seen on every network and are setting trends before you know they exist. But mostly, we love what we do. We love our Artists like they are family and only choose ones with Artistic excellence and a no-diva-attitude. We love our schools like they are old dear friends and we approach this market and this world with a passion and belief that art transforms the world daily. We like to laugh, learn and grow and believe that there is no better education for young people than jumping in and getting messy doing something you love. If we’re not friends yet, we should be.


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Summer time! School’s out! Now, because it’s summer and none of us work or have any responsibility besides riding out bikes around the neighborhood…what do we do? Music festivals, of course. There are so many news ones this year and growth from new ones last year. Last years launch of the Firefly Festival was great […]

Agency of the Year

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Thank you for voting! We’re happy to announce that we won this year’s Campus Activities Magazine, “Agency of the Year”. Read the article here.

Lifetime of Real Achievement…Boyd Jones

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Yesterday, I was honored to be asked to present the APCA Lifetime Achievement Award to my dear friend Boyd Jones. I couldn’t have been more honored if I’d won it myself, because there is no one who has ever met Boyd that wouldn’t have loved to fill my shoes. Given an hour, I couldn’t have […]

Dave Grohl at SXSW

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FYI: This post is targeted to those who true fans of music and those who appreciate the honest hard work that it takes to have a successful career in music. Some can argue what success is and say that short runs in large arenas and selling mass amounts of posters to teens for 3 years […]

Fame….I’m gonna live forever

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Two weeks ago, we had a great national NACA conference! It is one of the gifts of this biz that we get to travel several times a year to spend time with great friends and colleagues and fill our hearts with meaningful conversation, Art, and new poetry, laughter, and inspiration. But I’m not going to […]

What If Money Didn’t Matter?

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You may have seen this video circulating around Facebook recently…. If not, I am happy we will be able to introduce it to you! Personally, I am a huge fan of this short video, and watch it frequently as a friendly reminder to myself! Most of our clients are in the prime years of their […]


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We’re back from NACA Nationals in Nashville! I passed out last night before 9 PM after demolishing a burger from Five Guys while watching Heavyweights (yes, that is an example of irony). It was exhausting having so many acts in our booths and having so much fun. For both National conventions, APCA and NACA, we’re having our […]

Beware Homophobes Bearing Pigs

Beware Homophobes Bearing Pigs

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With this week’s state of the union address and all the progress in the last year or two on gay rights and the recent Boy Scout debates, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much public opinion is impacted by the Arts, perhaps more than politics.  Just as with race before it, the less open-minded […]

I would like to thank my mom…

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It’s a bit overwhelming this time of year with the spring semester kicking in while we get ready for NACA and APCA Nationals, big spring concerts and the rest of the semester. This past week we got some news that our Agency was nominated for Agency of the Year through Campus Activities Magazine. So I […]

AMA in the ATL!

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As many of you know, Auburn Moon Agency opened an Atlanta office in 2012. There are many great things about having an office in a prominent city with such a thriving entertainment scene! Here are just a few of our favorite reasons.. 1). Airport Hub… SCORE!!! Easier travel to and from conferences! Can we say […]