It’s a Dog’s Life…

Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in News | No Comments

Here at Auburn Moon, there are a few very special guys that are “on the job” every day. Whether they are working hard or hardly working, we will not say… But this week’s blog we would like to dedicate to them!

These guys understand the balance between work and relaxation better than the rest of us. They take their daily snoozes seriously. So we have to wonder what they have been dreaming about lately as the holidays approach.

Here’s a little insight as to what Dante, Cooper and Duncan want for Christmas this year!!


Dante has been dreaming of a pair of awesome sunglasses to complete his look and protect his eyes from the brightness of the sun. He’s also been wanting a stylish helmet that won’t flatten his afro. You see… Dante cannot see. (No pun intended). Quite often, if he’s not familiar with the area, he will bump into things as he navigates his way around. So he thinks a new helmet will help him explore the world with no fear!


If you couldn’t tell from the picture, Cooper lives a very spoiled lifestyle. His puppy dreams have given us a pretty good hint as to what he wants for Christmas. Watch him closely and you will see those chunky paws kick as if he were running. The best present to Cooper would be to have a walk or trip to the dog park every single day in 2013!! And cheese and jerky…. the pup loves his cheese and jerky. He will do any trick you ask for either of those treats.


Duncan is a very dedicated employee. He is in the office every single day, right at Jon’s side. We all know what Duncan dreams about getting for Christmas… it’s his very own husky. Duncan has a thing for huskies. If he could have one at his beck and call, he would be a happy pup! He’d also like some puppy protein to keep up with his well built physique.