Dave Grohl at SXSW

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FYI: This post is targeted to those who true fans of music and those who appreciate the honest hard work that it takes to have a successful career in music.

Some can argue what success is and say that short runs in large arenas and selling mass amounts of posters to teens for 3 years is success. Sure, it is if that is your primary objective and really are proud of it. Speaking of…where are the Jonas Brothers?

I saw friends friends posting about heading over to the keynote speech at South By Southwest (SXSW) today that was presented by Foo Fighters lead man, Dave Grohl. I checked it out on my lunch and couldn’t be more impressed. The guy did grow up around educators and really made a successful career out of being determined and tackling opportunities he felt passionate about.

I’m always more keen on working with artists that truly understand their product, for lack of better term, and have an idea of their direction even when it’s short term. If you know the next Foo Fighters, let me know.

Watch the keynote here:

Dave Grohl Keynote