NACA Nationals Results!

NACA Nationals Results!

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Congratulations to David Gerard, Neil Hilborn, Preston Pugmire, and The Exchange for landing showcasing spots at NACA Nationals in February at Boston, MA this year! Also, congratulations to Ronnie Jordan for his alternate spot!

Managing Students in the Tech Age Part 3

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Managing Student Programmers in The Tech Generation Managing students and programming for students in this techno-age poses as many problems as it provides opportunities.  Technology is a blessing and a curse…while we can connect with more people faster than ever, we lose that necessary dialectical way of reading and understanding each other; looking people in […]

Managing Students in Tech Age Part 2

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The Dangers of Internet Dependence Among Students First of all…this blog will throw out a lot stats on the dangers of tech dependence, but it is NOT anti-technology!  It’s just about addressing a healthy balance of the positives of technology.  They call us the “e-generation.” A generation of 70 million adults that according to research […]

The E-Generation Series part 1

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Managing student programmers, dangers of internet addiction, and practical ideas for overcoming the downside on your campus. Technology is a way of organizing the universe so that man doesn’t have to experience it.  – Max Frisch The last few years, I presented an ed session called “Are We Too Busy ‘LOL’ing to Really Laugh Out […]

NACA Northeast Results!

NACA Northeast Results!

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Congrats to Lauren Zuniga for yet another showcase! Congrats also to Adam Grabowski, Alfa, and The Exchange for landing alternate spots.  

Summerfest Music Festival 2013!

Summerfest Music Festival 2013!

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I recently had the opportunity to go to Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI to see The Ballroom Thieves play on the second largest stage in the entire music festival. On Saturday June 29th, 2013 they opened for Dispatch.  The crowd was gathering in their seats as The Ballroom Thieves set up their instruments and microphones for […]

NACA Central Results!

NACA Central Results!

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Congrats to our popular poet, Lauren Zuniga, as well as funny man, Ronnie Jordan, for being selected as showcase artist and alternate for the NACA Central region.

NACA South Results!

NACA South Results!

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Happy to announce that Ben Gleib, Alfa, Lauren Zuniga, and The Exchange will be showcasing at NACA South this September!  

“Put a cat picture on ANYTHING and it will sell!”

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You found the perfect artist, booked your space and have everyone’s jobs assigned for the day of the show. However, the battle of a successful event still isn’t won until you get students to the event. How to get students out to the show can be a tricky thing, but having the right marketing plan […]

Knock, Knock

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If you asked me a year ago where I would see myself today, the answer would be along the lines of “hopefully have a full-time job somewhere! But we’ll see.” I made the equally both wonderful and dreadful mistake of majoring in Fine Art with a concentration in Photography. Exactly one year ago I was […]