Managing Students in the Tech Age Part 3

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Managing Student Programmers in The Tech Generation Managing students and programming for students in this techno-age poses as many problems as it provides opportunities.  Technology is a blessing and a curse…while we can connect with more people faster than ever, we lose that necessary dialectical way of reading and understanding each other; looking people in […]

Managing Students in Tech Age Part 2

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The Dangers of Internet Dependence Among Students First of all…this blog will throw out a lot stats on the dangers of tech dependence, but it is NOT anti-technology!  It’s just about addressing a healthy balance of the positives of technology.  They call us the “e-generation.” A generation of 70 million adults that according to research […]

The E-Generation Series part 1

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Managing student programmers, dangers of internet addiction, and practical ideas for overcoming the downside on your campus. Technology is a way of organizing the universe so that man doesn’t have to experience it.  – Max Frisch The last few years, I presented an ed session called “Are We Too Busy ‘LOL’ing to Really Laugh Out […]

Lifetime of Real Achievement…Boyd Jones

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Yesterday, I was honored to be asked to present the APCA Lifetime Achievement Award to my dear friend Boyd Jones. I couldn’t have been more honored if I’d won it myself, because there is no one who has ever met Boyd that wouldn’t have loved to fill my shoes. Given an hour, I couldn’t have […]

Fame….I’m gonna live forever

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Two weeks ago, we had a great national NACA conference! It is one of the gifts of this biz that we get to travel several times a year to spend time with great friends and colleagues and fill our hearts with meaningful conversation, Art, and new poetry, laughter, and inspiration. But I’m not going to […]

Beware Homophobes Bearing Pigs

Beware Homophobes Bearing Pigs

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With this week’s state of the union address and all the progress in the last year or two on gay rights and the recent Boy Scout debates, I’ve been thinking a lot about how much public opinion is impacted by the Arts, perhaps more than politics.  Just as with race before it, the less open-minded […]

The Spirit of the Holidays

The Spirit of the Holidays

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I remember once I had measles just before Christmas.  I had to give my list to my big sister to take to Santa while I sat itching at home, lower lip trembling.  I felt certain she’d mess it up or tell Santa I just wanted him to get double presents for her and nothing for […]

At the Corner of Art and Commerce

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Happy Holidays.  This is a reprint of my first Curtain Call column from 1997, a column that was just jump-started…to my excitement.  It’s a reminder of why I fell in love with this business, and the moment it captures is one where I reminded my friend David of why he fell in love with it.  […]