NACA Northeast Results!

NACA Northeast Results!

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Congrats to Lauren Zuniga for yet another showcase! Congrats also to Adam Grabowski, Alfa, and The Exchange for landing alternate spots.  

NACA Central Results!

NACA Central Results!

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Congrats to our popular poet, Lauren Zuniga, as well as funny man, Ronnie Jordan, for being selected as showcase artist and alternate for the NACA Central region.

NACA South Results!

NACA South Results!

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Happy to announce that Ben Gleib, Alfa, Lauren Zuniga, and The Exchange will be showcasing at NACA South this September!  


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Summer time! School’s out! Now, because it’s summer and none of us work or have any responsibility besides riding out bikes around the neighborhood…what do we do? Music festivals, of course. There are so many news ones this year and growth from new ones last year. Last years launch of the Firefly Festival was great […]

Agency of the Year

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Thank you for voting! We’re happy to announce that we won this year’s Campus Activities Magazine, “Agency of the Year”. Read the article here.

Dave Grohl at SXSW

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FYI: This post is targeted to those who true fans of music and those who appreciate the honest hard work that it takes to have a successful career in music. Some can argue what success is and say that short runs in large arenas and selling mass amounts of posters to teens for 3 years […]


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We’re back from NACA Nationals in Nashville! I passed out last night before 9 PM after demolishing a burger from Five Guys while watching Heavyweights (yes, that is an example of irony). It was exhausting having so many acts in our booths and having so much fun. For both National conventions, APCA and NACA, we’re having our […]

I would like to thank my mom…

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It’s a bit overwhelming this time of year with the spring semester kicking in while we get ready for NACA and APCA Nationals, big spring concerts and the rest of the semester. This past week we got some news that our Agency was nominated for Agency of the Year through Campus Activities Magazine. So I […]

2012 Songs of the Year

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Here are my top 10 songs that came out in 2012: Sugar and the Hi Lows – I’ve Got You CoveredShovels and Rope – BoxcarBruno Mars – Young GirlsJapandroids – The House that Heaven BuiltKillers – Prize FighterKeane – DisconnectedThe Weeks – The House We Grew Up InWalk the Moon – TightropeWallflowers – Reboot the […]

Newtown, CT.

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Over the weekend, I have been thinking about some of the tragedies that have defined my lifetime and where I have been for each. Columbine, 9/11, Virginia Tech, Aurora, CO and now, Newtown. There’s always the infamous question of, “Do you remember where you were when the planes hit?” Well of course I do, but […]