NACA Nationals Results!

NACA Nationals Results!

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Congratulations to David Gerard, Neil Hilborn, Preston Pugmire, and The Exchange for landing showcasing spots at NACA Nationals in February at Boston, MA this year! Also, congratulations to Ronnie Jordan for his alternate spot!

Summerfest Music Festival 2013!

Summerfest Music Festival 2013!

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I recently had the opportunity to go to Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI to see The Ballroom Thieves play on the second largest stage in the entire music festival. On Saturday June 29th, 2013 they opened for Dispatch.  The crowd was gathering in their seats as The Ballroom Thieves set up their instruments and microphones for […]

Knock, Knock

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If you asked me a year ago where I would see myself today, the answer would be along the lines of “hopefully have a full-time job somewhere! But we’ll see.” I made the equally both wonderful and dreadful mistake of majoring in Fine Art with a concentration in Photography. Exactly one year ago I was […]

What If Money Didn’t Matter?

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You may have seen this video circulating around Facebook recently…. If not, I am happy we will be able to introduce it to you! Personally, I am a huge fan of this short video, and watch it frequently as a friendly reminder to myself! Most of our clients are in the prime years of their […]

AMA in the ATL!

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As many of you know, Auburn Moon Agency opened an Atlanta office in 2012. There are many great things about having an office in a prominent city with such a thriving entertainment scene! Here are just a few of our favorite reasons.. 1). Airport Hub… SCORE!!! Easier travel to and from conferences! Can we say […]

It’s a Dog’s Life…

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Here at Auburn Moon, there are a few very special guys that are “on the job” every day. Whether they are working hard or hardly working, we will not say… But this week’s blog we would like to dedicate to them! These guys understand the balance between work and relaxation better than the rest of […]