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Zohra Sarwari


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Inspirational Muslim speaker/author/consultant Zohra Sarwari is the author of 9 books and has been seen on ABC News, Fox News and interviewed on countless radio shows. Her programs “I Am Not A Terrorist”, ” Are Muslim Women Oppressed?” and “Become The Change That You Invision in the World” are inspiring students across the globe and bridging huge cultural gaps in an easily accessible and peaceful manner.

Zohra Sarwari’s personal journey began at the age of 6, when she came to America from Afghanistan. Since that young age, she has been exposed to diversity issues, have been raised in New York, then moving to the suburbs of Virginia, finishing high school in California, and currently residing in a bucolic Midwestern city in Indiana. Zohra’s parents could barely speak a word of English when they arrived in America, and worked in low-paying jobs just to make ends meet. Despite the circumstances and environment that surrounded Zohra, she strived to achieve success, no matter what sacrifice it took. She married at the age of 19, then went on to acquire a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Master’s in Business Administration and is currently working on a degree in Islamic Studies.

As an orthodox Muslim, Zohra has faced many challenges. Her passion is to educate others about diversity using humor and personal experiences that leave her audiences transformed from the moment they enter the room. Her speeches promote dialogue, and foster tolerance towards people of all races, religions and backgrounds. Finally, her speeches are inspirational and motivational, regardless of how tough and sensitive the subject matter might be.