Zili Misik

Zili Misik


  • An 8-piece ALL FEMALE band that performs dance and roots music of the African Diaspora!
  • Their music connects Haitian roots, jazz, high life, reggae, samba, Cuban son, gospel and neo-soul.

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Zili Misik has been bridging cultures, generations, and continents for seven years. With captivating sounds that evoke the African continent, Zili retraces routes of forced exile and cultural resistance through diasporic rhythm and song. Powerful Haitian, Brazilian and West African rhythms infuse Zili’s original creations and traditional folksongs. Reconnecting Haitian mizik rasin, Jamaican roots reggae, Afro-Brazilian samba, Afro-Cuban son, and African American spirituals, blues, jazz and neo soul, Zili Misik honors its influences while creating a sound that is uniquely its own.
All female, zili takes its name from Haitian spiritual entity, “Ezili” who is envisaged as mother, lover, and warrior. Zili’s songs are sensual, political, self-reflective, positive, and invoke love. Zili’s lyrics glide seamlessly from English to Kreyol to Portuguese to Spanish, spinning tales and visions of lives lived and yet to be.
Lead singer Rajdulari joined Zili seven years ago, and brings her sultry smooth soprano. While her voice and vocal range bring to mind jazz greats like Sarah Vaughan, Rajdulari has a unique sound that takes you both to the intimacy of a jazz club and to her roots in the black Baptist Church. Rajdulari has performed both nationally and internationally, most recently in Italy. Rajdulari initiates incredible harmonies that tell the stories of an African past and an American present.
Founder and multi-instrumentalist Kera M. Washington composes and arranges most of the songs for Zili. A semi-finalist in the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz International Hand Drumming Competition, and an ethnomusicologist, Kera incorporates an array of percussion, including Caribbean and West African instruments, flutes and african harps. Kera also possesses an unusually moving and powerful voice, allowing her to move easily from melodic singing to vocal percussion to chants and spoken word.
Zili has Craigslist and Berklee College of Music to thank for keyboardist Hinako Sato, guitarist Lexi Havlin, saxphonist Joy Roster, trumpeter Krystal Johnson, bassist Joanna Maria, and drummers Jobeth Umali, Genesis Rubin, and Kari Flango, who activate Zili’s rhythm section. Graduates of Berklee College of Music and hailing from Trinidad, Japan, Chicago, New York, Houston, Cleveland, and Oakland, they bring the wealth of their professional and personal experiences to Zili.
Zili Misik is winner of ROCKRGRL’s and Berklee College of Music’s BATTLE of the All-FEMALE BANDS; has opened for Shaggy and Boukman Eksperyans; and performs regularly at clubs, colleges, weddings, festivals, and private events thoughout the New England area. Boston clubs that have featured Zili Misik include The Paradise, Harper’s Ferry, The Milky Way, and Johnny D’s. Zili Misik has performed at Wellesley College, Harvard, MIT, Northeastern University, the University of Hartford, and the University of Maine. You can find Zili Misik monthly at Slade’s Bar and Grill, and on the upcoming calendar of the Leopard Lounge in New York and the Xxodus Cafe (Providence Black Rep) in Rhode Island.