The Right Now

The Right Now


  • Recent USA Today top-ten pick alongside John Legend, The Roots, and Snoop Dogg
  • Broke attendance records at Summerfest's Cascio Interstate Music Stage

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Soul music is an art, all about feeling; not style, not fashion, but emotion. The Right Now are master practitioners of the art. “Not as slick and sugary as their compatriots up north in Motown, not as down and dirty as our own Southern variety, you could say The Right Now have set their soul to sizzle just-so on their debut album Carry Me Home.” (Nashville Scene)
The Right Now is tighter than tight, functioning as a single instrument rather than a collection of players; never overplaying, always exerting effortless control over its dynamics. Floating over the top is Stefanie Berecz’s voice, elevating the band’s grooves from infectious to revelatory. This telepathic connection is the kind of chemistry that can only come from relentless gigging. The Right Now continually tours the country, converting listeners to a brand of R&B that is simultaneously classic and contemporary.

And the country is responding. USA Today spotlighted “Ain’t Going Back” as one of its “10 Intriguing Tracks of the Week.” And the Iowa Press-Citizen has marveled at the band’s uncanny ability to “turn from funky to dreamy on a dime and give ya change.” WXRT’s own Richard Milne handpicked the group to feature them on his Local Anethetic radio show. Soultracks, AbsolutePunk and Metromix welcomed the band to their homepages; papers from Pittsburgh all the way to Portland carried The Right Now home to their readers.

The music of The Right Now exudes the kind of confidence that can only come from relentless gigging. Amid their crammed touring schedule the group somehow carved out the time to record their debut CD Carry Me Home, released to rave reviews in March 2010, without missing a beat.

Like their marathon, soul-workout stage shows, Carry Me Home is equal parts swagger and emotion, 100% soul, fully authentic, inside and out. As Stef Berecz sings on “Ain’t Going Back”—it never felt so good. The Right Now brings that singular feeling of soul power to every show, in every venue, in every town they play. If you’re lucky, your town will be next.