The Octamasher

The Octamasher


  • Learn to DJ your favorite songs in seconds
  • 3 What if you could play crazy electronic instruments, just as easily as playing a video game?
  • 3 AND what if you could jam along with all your friends at the same time?

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The Octamasher is a collaborative DJ installation designed by live mashup artist Moldover. Eight unique instruments are connected to one computer brain, controlling drum loops, vocal samples, complete songs and more. Grab a station, tweak beats, flip bass-lines, and jam out with your friends!

Moldover’s Octamasher is a one-of-a-kind experience. It has appeared at festivals nationwide including South by Southwest, Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Art Outside, Maker Faire, Burning Man, Mile High Music Festival and others. The Octamasher has been installed at special events sponsored by Redbull, FaceBook, SanDisk, MTVNetworks, Ableton and many more.

You’ll also find it touring to schools, private parties and music venues around the country.
– Can be set up virtually anywhere
– Irresistibly easy and fun to play
– No training or musical experience necessary
– Contains more than 200 familiar samples from your favorite songs
– 8 completely unique instruments keep people fascinated for hours
– Unique invention: there is only one Octamasher
– Creates an exciting and creative social atmosphere
– Road tested with dozens of installs from San Francisco to Puerto Rico and everywhere inbetween.
– Based on Moldover’s concept of controllerism (using software and controllers as instruments)
– Great way to build community and help people connect