Katie Armiger

Katie Armiger


    • Country Weekly's #1 Hottest Bachelorette in Country Music two years in a row
    • Showcased at NACA South, Northeast, West and APCA Nationals
    • Hit songs include "Better in a Black Dress", "Best Song Ever", "Kiss Me Now"

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    Newcomer Katie Armiger’s powerful vocals and skillful songwriting are clearly showcased on her new music. At the ripe age of 20, Katie does not hold back and has an inspiring combination of determination and passion that shines through in her music.

    Rarely do you hear of a young artist whose vocal ability and talent is compared to the likes of seasoned country artists like Sara Evans and Martina McBride, but Katie Armiger, who burst onto the country music scene is just that.

    The 20-year-old singer-songwriter has accomplished more during her four years as a recording artist than most people twice her age. Her previous single, “Kiss Me Now,” the flirtatious ode to new love she co-wrote with Sarah Buxton and Blair Daly, was her second to hit the Top 40 on the Billboard Indicator Chart, while “Trail of Lies” landed in the Top 20 on Music Row, setting a record as the Highest Charting Independent Female Artist in 2009.

    Katie Armiger has just scratched the surface of what she is capable of. She is a passionate and driven performer well beyond her years.