David Gerard

David Gerard


  • Has performed for clients such as Facebook, HP, Google, Enterprise and more
  • Appearing at NACA Nationals 2013

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David Gerard, a highly sought-after corporate entertainer in California, is now bringing his unique blend of illusion, humor, and storytelling to collegiate audiences nationwide. He got his start as a professional performer while in college himself, performing mystifying psychological demonstrations at both public and private events. More recently, he’s performed in his own theatrical show and for companies like HP and Google.

David’s performance consists of baffling on-stage mental demonstrations that leave audiences amazed and speechless. At only 24, David instantly relates to the college audience while drawing upon his years of professional performance. His show is just as much about the audience as it is about him, involving dozens of students throughout the evening, leading to a show that is unique to each venue. Whether it is an audience of 50 or 500, David will instantly connect and amaze the most diverse of student populations.