Adam Norwest

Adam Norwest


  • Youngest comic ever admitted to the Seattle International Comedy Festival
  • Featured on Cable TV's "Man Up Stand Up"
  • Featured on "Comcast on Demand"
  • Has been professionally performing for 10 years!

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Well hello there! I am Adam Norwest. I enjoy long walks on the beach and romantic dinners by candlelight.

Oh, wait! This is my comedy bio? Not Plenty of Fish? Well in that case I should tell you I am a stand-up comedian who has been performing since 2005. I did professional improv comedy for 6 years before that, which means that all of my shows are fun and different.

What do I talk about on stage? Mostly myself. I was made fun of a lot growing up, so now I figure if I make fun of myself no one else can do it. I also talk about fast food. And animals. And rap music. “These are a few of my favorite things!”

I won CMT’s Next Big Comic in 2012 – Taylor Swift still won’t date me. I have my own Pandora station – I’m still am not friends with any actual Pandas. And I have an album on iTunes that if my Grandma figures out how to download she probably won’t talk to me for a while.

I live in Tacoma, Washington. Steve Miller mentioned us in a song once and we have a Chipotle, so I like it here. When not performing stand-up, I enjoy defending my title as World Champion of the World in Apples to Apples. If you dare challenge me – may the odds me ever in your favor!

Thank you for reading. Oh, and I have blue eyes.

What others have said about me:

“Very, very, funny stuff man. You still live with your parents?”?
-Bob Saget

“Genuinely hilarious.”
-Caroline Rhea

“You’re not a hack”
-Patrice O’Neal

“Move out!”
-My Parents