Adam Grabowski

Adam Grabowski


  • Winner of Campus Activities Magazine's 2013 COMEDIAN OF THE YEAR and 2012 FASTEST RISING STAR Awards!
  • 122 college shows last year and 250 colleges in 3 years!
  • Most booked comedian at NACA Northern Plains and NACA Mid Atlantic 2012

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Adam Grabowski is Campus Activities Magazine’s HIGHEST RATED COMEDIAN in 2011, 2012, and 2013!

You’ve probably seen Adam at NACA giving away the hexagon-shaped, fruit juice filled Gusher’s and slap bracelets that say CREEPER or #AWKWARD. This 26-year-old stand-up comedian from Chicago has spent every year since graduating college touring, promoting, investing, and building his comedic career. He was voted the Nation’s Best College Comedian, the youngest comic ever to win that title!

Graduating early from the University of Illinois, Adam used his productive procrastination skills to put off grad school by becoming a professional comedian. His tour has taken him to 250 colleges across the country as well as stints at the Laugh Factory and L.A. Comedy Festival. Adam’s clever and relevant brand of humor is designed specifically for a college audience. As someone with ADHD himself, Adam’s focus is on keeping your attention throughout the show. By combining funny graphs, one-liners, Disney jokes, and hilarious stories, Adam makes you wish the show would never end.

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“Adam is hilarious! He’s going to have a long career in this industry.”

-Bob Saget